What can you expect on your first Jet Pack flight?

  • Before you enter the water, you will get a personal in-depth instruction from one of our certified instructors. Safety is our highest priority.
  • You will wear a US coast guard certified life-vest and a Jet-Pack that will float on its own so there isn't really much you need to do to stay above the water. You will float like a cork
  • While in the water, you will wear a helmet with built-in headphones and our instructor will be in audio contact with you during your entire flight
  • Our instructors will also control the throttle while riding on the Jet Ski right behind you. 
  • As a first time flyer, you will start at skill level 1 and our instructor will work you up one level at the time. He will inform you before adding more power, and if you're not comfortable going a level up, you just signal him and he will keep you where you feel most comfortable.
  1. Control at waist high in the water
  2. Control at knee high in the water
  3. Control at ankles in the water
  4. Control at 2-4 feet above the water
  5. Control at 6-8 feet above the water
  6. Fly 10-30 feet above the water
  • Don't expect to fly 30 feet above the water on your first flight although you would not be the first one to manage this 
  • And most important: Relax and enjoy this unforgettable experience

Below is a slideshow showing a 15 year old girl from Canada on her very first flight in December 2014. 

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