Another way to fly high like other superheroes do is the jetpack. It is a flying device worn on the back which comprises of jets of gases used to drive the wearer into the air. The jetpack is the first water ride of the world launched in Australia. It is the better way to beat the summer and enjoy the greatest thing ever. These incredible flying devices join their powerful engines along with gases and exclusive designs with water nozzle repulsion force to sustain stable and control the flights. It runs under 3 programs but basically one can fly up to 15 meters high and up to 25mph.

But there is a weight and weight restrictions which mean that a person must be 18yrs old with less than 100kg weight are allowed to take his flight above the water with 10 minutes training. This water adventure is offered at affordable price. Most adventure lovers love this water flight as they take stunts and while riding and the jetpack is easy to control without any risks. Instructors will guide you with proper training and instructions about the jetpack and how to use it after getting into the water.