Have you ever wished for flying like a superhero? Your dream comes true now by having a flight using Flyboard where you can fly high like a real hero. Flyboard is a type of hydroflighting device, provides propulsion to drive the Flyboard into the air to perform a water sport known as hydroflying. It works by strapping to the feet of the user and is made in on with to a jet ski by a horse. It can fly upwards about 30 to 35ft high above the water and moreover there is no weight restriction. This ride had become a popular vacation experience for most tourists to fly high once in their lifetime. This is suitable for risky lovers where they can feel a real adventurous and fun-filled moment while having the ride.

Moreover, the experienced Flyboard instructors will give you proper guidance and training for just 5 to 10 minutes before taking your first flight into the sky. There are two types of flights like hero flight and superhero flight. Hero flight takes 20 minutes ride in water of low cost and at a height of 30 feet. Superhero flight involves 3o minutes ride in water along with spins, s turns and backward dives like a dolphin at a reasonable cost.