Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does it work?
It's simple. You can fly over or through the water. Water is forced up to your jet pack from a pump below. Inside your JetLev backpack, the water is channeled downward into two powerful jets. The downward force of the water jets creates lift. You move the Jet Pack arms to go up or down, and to turn right or left. Your instructor will guide you through your training and flight.
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2. What can I expect on my first flight?
A great experience. Remember, you control turning and elevation. After initial instructions, your instructor will place you floating in the water chest high. As with any water sport, you learn basic skills, reach your comfort level then try the next skill level, an so on. OK? You start chest high in the water learning safe easy wide turns, while holding your chest water level position. After you reach your comfort level, your instructor guides you to elevate your waist out of the water. After you master the turns and elevation control at waist high, your instructor will guide you to have only your feet in the water, only after reaching your comfort level. The next level will be free flight and some tricks.
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3. Is this safe?
Yes! This new water sport has proven to be safer than jet skiing and parasailing. Your certified instructor will fit you with a USCG-approved safety vest and a safety helmet that also allows you to hear your instructor during your flight. And the Jet Pack harness floats for added safety.
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4. How do I schedule a flight?
Simply call us at 239-389-9JET to reserve a time. We fly from 9:30am to one hour before sunset daily, all year.
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5. What should I bring?
   • Bathing suit
   • Cash or credit card
   • Towels
   • A smile (don't worry if you forget yours, you'll leave with one!)
   • Picture ID
   • Lots of friends and family!
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6. Are there any age or weight restrictions?
Yes. You must be:
   • Mature 14 years old or older.
   • Between 5'0" and 6'6" tall
   • Between 100 pounds and 350 pounds.
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7. What other restrictions are there?
   • You must not have a history of heart problems
   • You must not be pregnant
   • You must sign a release and waiver prior to flying
   • You must understand the instructor and speak up if you don't
   • You must be a good swimmer
   • You must not have a fear of heights
   • You must be in good health and physical condition
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8. What about bad weather?
We fly in safe rain and wind.
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9. How long is the flight?
Instruction and flight lasts up to 30 minutes.
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10. How strong do I have to be?
No muscles are needed! You just need a soft touch and the ability to follow instructions.
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11. Can I take pictures?
You can take pictures or we can take an amateur video for a fee.
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12. What if I fall?
You will be protected by the floating harness and PFD life jacket. Remember to always fly over water! Falling on the boat may cause injuries.
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13. Is this noisy?
Not at all! Your backpack has no engine. The pump stays down in the water, and the whole system makes less noise than a standard boat.
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14. What are your hours of operation?
We fly from 8:30am to one hour before sunset daily, all year.
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15. Where are you located?
In Naples: 1345 Fifth Avenue South Naples, Florida 34102, At the Docks on Fifth, One block west of Olive Garden Restaurant. Map

In Ft. Myers: Revolution Cable Park, 17590 East Street North Ft. Myers, Florida 33917 Map
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16. Where are other flying centers?
Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida Keys, Caribbean, Virginia, S. Carolina, New Jersey, California, and Hawaii.
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